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Haley Tanner
Haley Tanner was born in New York City (in the Bronx!) and raised on a lovely street in a house her father (most famous as the superhero Astroman, the man who can do anything) built with his own two hands. Haley's mother was named one of Forbes 100 Mothers to Emulate in recognition for her love, support, and understanding during the years that Haley was a Police Dispatcher / Parliamentary Assistant / Waitress / Bank Teller / Tutor who was also hard at work on a novel. In her spare time Haley enjoys being terrible at yoga, running slowly, and cuddling whatever dog she can get her hands on. Haley currently lives in Brooklyn, under the shadow of the Williamsburg Bridge, with her rescued pug Mojini Jane and the most beautiful Tennessee mutt this side of the Mason Dixon line, Ruthie Catfish. Haley's husband Gavin recently ditched a six year battle against cancer to rejoin the star stuff we are all made of, and she lives surrounded by the sense of wonder and joy and possibility he left behind, as well as a ton of gorgeous furniture he made out of reclaimed wood.

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